Car Porn was founded in 2016 by their management group of Big Boys Media. After building a great social media following and presence on Instagram with our apparel designs we decided to create an awareness about famous cars, their looks and builds as well as street racing. We manage to promote and present your media on our page by linking your Facebook and Instagram business media pages via branded content.

Now the company has matured and Car Porn decided to expand once again but this time with the help of their new partner and co-owner Jamal Kahn. After attending shows for over 10 years Jamal has come together with Corey and Jordon to help bring you a new division in the company “Big Boys Media”.

Our goal is to bring the car community together regardless of the make and model. In 2018 we will be bringing you a series of events filled with the top companies, influencers, and cars the industry has to offer.