1: Agreement policies
By entering our website you agree to all terms and conditions present on our website.

2: Requirements
As discussed above, this website can only be accessed by those who agree to the terms and conditions. We do not accept fake IP logs, IP changers, bots or viral medium to sign on or visit our website. If you do so, you will be permanently blocked.

3: How we gather and use information
Firstly our mission is to provide the viewer or user with the best possible services while keeping in view all the legal aspects of mass communication and avoiding material which may not be treated as beneficial to humanity.

4: Issues pertaining to registration and/or termination of access
Registration will be the main barrier and filter ensuring that no illegal hacker or fraud could get access to our services.

5: Disclaimer pertaining to illegal data posted by a hacker.
This organization will not be responsible for any harm, injury, suicide, murder or any criminal activity which comes up by viewing the material posted on its wall yet every measure will be ensured that this company is working under a legal framework and complying with international rules and regulations. We also have a team comprising a lawyer, an editor and developer in order to ensure that the material posted is safe and may not have any form of detrimental affect to humanity or in any other way effect people of various societies and faiths.

6: Social media traffic
Speaking of the legal framework special care will be taken to ensure that publishers who are working with our organization to bring our website traffic must have a legal contract with our organization before any other form of business takes place. This measure will ensure that the services they are providing us relates to them and are not hired, hacked or given by a third party who we do not know and doesn’t fall under the legal framework.

7: Third party website
Any data, picture, gif, video or any other visual material posted by a user on our website doesn’t relate to us or maybe found defaming a politician, a religious figure or a Prophet will be removed immediately but we will ensure that this is done within 24 hours. If you’re the rightful owner of the data that is being presented on our website please do let us know so that if anyone is misusing your data or any other post illegally will have to face legal consequences.

8: Editing, deleting and notifications
If the data you have provided is edited and revised to get the same amount of traffic or helping to become viral, please let us know so an appropriate action to be taken in order to avoid any detrimental effects which could lead to issues the violate law.

9: Dispute resolution and legal issues
As mentioned earlier, our team of editors and lawyers will work side by side to resolve any dispute. However if the data present on the website breaks or violates your service or rules, please let us know so an immediate action would be taken to resolve the dispute with the hacker and forwarded over the the law enforcing authorities so that the culprit may be brought to justice.

10: Other
Our company or any of its employees will not be held responsible legally or in any other way for data which has been posted to our website by users with malicious intentions. These traffic services may be from Facebook, Twitter, Google plus profiles and community pages which should not be fake but real as in case anything is found fake the appropriate law authorities will be informed in order to ensure that the culprit is bought to justice and punished by the law in an appropriate manner.